Verticallyinclined Hikes

Anthony's Nose

This is a short version of Anthony's Nose and is for those who want a hike with views with less strenuous hiking approximately a 5-hours depending on Group movement, 2.8 -mile moderate hike with a short steep climb to Engagement Rock, overlooking the Hudson River and Bear Mountain Bridge. Appropriate footwear required Please do not wear wear Ugg Boots the dress up kind or footies bring at least two liters of water, trail lunch and snacks and weather appropriate clothing.

Miles Hiked: 2.9 miles

Elevation Gain: 700 Feet

Balsam Cap Friday Mt.

Catskill 3500 Trail less summits. These two summits are unmarked and are required for entrance into the Catskill 3500 club.   On average it takes a experienced hiker 6 to 7 hours to complete.  Navigation Skills for Friday MT. and Balsam Cap summits is a valuable asset when going on this hike.  Larger Corporate Guide Services shy away from this hike because even those with experience find this hike difficult. While local guides, those that are more intimate with the area are more than happy to help you reach your goal. 

Iron Mt. Hike

This is a Moderate hike of 5.5 miles passing along the way remnants of mining for Iron ore along the way. Visit locations Like Times Square, Bowling Rocks, and ship rock along the way. With this hike travel off the beaten path to see the mines some from the surface and one mine is actually inside of the mountain a climb to the top within

3 Bridges Hike

This is a longer version of the three bridges hike - a moderate hike, which includes a variation of the Popolopen Torne and Gorge hike. Enjoy nature and panoramic vistas. The hike travels over various terrain mostly rocky and unpaved. Popolopen Bridge, Suspension footbridge across the Popolopen Creek and the Bear Mt. bridge. The hike also passes through Fort Montgomery and Fort Clinton, forts on each side of Popolopen Creek, which were the scenes of an American Revolutionary war battle for control of the Hudson River. On October 6, 1777, the British captured both forts; destroying Fort Montgomery in the days that followed.  We will be hiking the 1777 trail which is the trail that was taken by the British.   Hike is approx. 6.8 Miles in length. (Level of difficulty varies with individual experience, fitness level and health)


Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point is one of our classic hikes 8.9 miles in length. Take in Katterskill Falls from above on the observation Deck as well as below taking the newly built stairs to the Second tier. From there we will hike back up and Head to Layman's Monument then hike along the escarpment trail which offer views of the valley below. Our Lunch destination will be inspiration point which has breath taking views of the valley and Katterskill High peak can be seen from across the valley. After Lunch we will head to Boulder Rock which offer views of the quite town of Palenville then head to the former site of the Catskill Mountain House. We end the hiking passing along the shore of North South lake and end at the parking lot from where the hike began.

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