Common Questions That Are Asked:

What Services are Included?  We provide transportation to and from the location of all our adventures.  For our overnights we also provide sleeping bags,sleeping pads,tents,cook-sets, food and stoves for our overnights (these items are included in the price) even if you purchased a online deal voucher or payed full price..
Are the Guides Registered?  Yes all of our Guides are registered Guides.  Each Guide carries with them their Guide License issued by the New York State DEC.  Yes, you can ask to see it and yes they must provide it. We would never post anyone as a guide if they were not registered it would just be unethical.  This can be verified through the Department of Environmental Conservation Website .  We do not post anyone as a guide, nor higher a guide if they are not a registered guide.
Transportation: We do not charter busses for our Day Hikes,  and Overnights, we are a wilderness guide service not a tour operator.
How Large are your Groups?   The maximum group size for our overnights is 10 including our Registered guides which is the maximum allowed for a overnight anywhere’s in New York State. For easy to moderate hikes expect the ratio to be 1 Registered guide for 14 people and for hikes with greater difficulty the Registered guide to client ratio is lower.
Do you Practice Leave No Trace?: Yes! We do practice leave no trace.  We do not build fires while out on day hikes nor do we build a fire on our overnights unless there is a fire place “designated fire place built by the parks department or DEC”.  Just because there was a fire built there previously does not mean its OK to build a fire.  We pack out all of our garbage and use stoves to eliminate the need for a fire.  Our group sizes are smaller to lessen the impact on the trails and campsites.  We leave the area like no one there before us which is the leave no trace way.

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